jeudi 14 octobre 2010

Sélection d'articles de ACL'2010

Sélection d'articles d'ACL'2010 sur l'analyse du discours en général


  • P10-2028 [bib]: Minwoo Jeong; Ivan Titov Unsupervised Discourse Segmentation of Documents with Inherently Parallel Structure 
  • P10-1120 [bib]: Amit Dubey The Influence of Discourse on Syntax: A Psycholinguistic Model of Sentence Processing 
  • P10-1073 [bib]: WenTing Wang; Jian Su; Chew Lim Tan Kernel Based Discourse Relation Recognition with Temporal Ordering Information 
  • P10-5003 [bib]: Bonnie Webber; Markus Egg; Valia Kordoni Discourse Structure: Theory, Practice and Use

  • P10-1142 [bib]: Vincent Ng Supervised Noun Phrase Coreference Research: The First Fifteen Years 
  • P10-1144 [bib]: Marta Recasens; Eduard Hovy Coreference Resolution across Corpora: Languages, Coding Schemes, and Preprocessing Information 
  • P10-1143 [bib]: Cosmin Bejan; Sanda Harabagiu Unsupervised Event Coreference Resolution with Rich Linguistic Features 
  • P10-1128 [bib]: Ryu Iida; Syumpei Kobayashi; Takenobu Tokunaga Incorporating Extra-Linguistic Information into Reference Resolution in Collaborative Task Dialogue 

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