jeudi 13 juin 2013

Toward a Free French Treebank

One of my current objective is to develop a Free French treebank allowing to train statistical systems on common NLP tasks such as text segmentation, morphological analysis, chunking, parsing...
As part of this project, in [2] we show a way of doing it.


Here you can download the current version of the Free French Treebank [0].


The resource (i.e. annotations) is distributed under the terms of this Lesser General
Public License for Linguistic Resources (LGLP-LR) [1].
This means you can use it in the context you want, you can modify it, and
distribute it as long as you do the same with your contribution.
If you use this project to support academic research, then please cite the
following paper as appropriate [2].

Notes on the current release

The current version is based on the  frwikinews-20130110 articles dump [3].
It has 28000 news articles covering a period from January 2005 to now.
After filtering of sentences with less than 5 tokens the version has 87461
sentences and 2535396 tokens. Texts are available under Creative Commons
Attribution 2.5 (CC-BY 2.5) licence. Prior versions from September 2005 are in
public domain. The text format have been cleaned up by using a Java Wikipedia
 API  [4], then tokenized using a rule-/dictionary-based tokenizer [5], then
POS tagged by the Stanford tagger [6].
The resource contains
  * xml-bz2 XML source archive
  * txt raw text
  * txt-tok a sentence per line and whitespace-separated words
  * txt-tok-pos a pos tag is associated with each word and is separated from this one with an underscore


[2] @inproceedings{hernandez:2013:taln,
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    author = {Hernandez, Nicolas and Boudin, Florian},
    abstract = {{Cet article {\'e}tudie la possibilit{\'e} de cr{\'e}er un nouveau corpus {\'e}crit en fran{\c c}ais annot{\'e} morpho-syntaxiquement {\`a} partir d'un corpus annot{\'e} existant. Nos objectifs sont de se lib{\'e}rer de la licence d'exploitation contraignante du corpus d'origine et d'obtenir une modernisation perp{\'e}tuelle des textes. Nous montrons qu'un corpus pr{\'e}-annot{\'e} automatiquement peut permettre d'entra{\^\i}ner un {\'e}tiqueteur produisant des performances {\'e}tat-de-l'art, si ce corpus est suffisamment grand.}},
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